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From Burgers in Beach Chairs to Sushi at Sunset

A DINING REVIEW: From Burgers in Beach Chairs to Sushi at Sunset

You made it through customs, took the exhilarating (maybe bring a Dramamine) water taxi to the island, checked into the Villa, and put on your “I’m-not-a-mom-this-weekend-I’m-at-the-beach” clothes. 

Now what? 

If you’re anything like me, the airplane cookies and ginger ale didn’t quite cut it, and your stomach is growling. Well, you couldn’t have come to a more perfect place to relax and re-nourish with some fresh and delicious cuisine. Anguilla has some of the most exquisite and delicious dining—in some of the most beautiful settings—in the Caribbean.

While there are a multitude of fantastic dining options, I was fortunate enough to experience a few local favorites firsthand. I’ll do my best to convey their easy moods and yummy foods, but don’t ask me to pick a favorite. They each satisfied something different in me, and I hope you find something to love in this list, too.

First up: Blanchards Beach Shack

Exhale. Smile. Enjoy. 

If that is not your Blanchards Beach Shack experience, you’re doing it wrong. On an island sometimes known for its expensive restaurants, Blanchards offers a delicious alternative in a casual, picture-perfect setting along Meads Bay. 

My friends and I started with some surprisingly delicious garlic bread. (Surprising only because I didn’t expect to get such great garlic bread —or any garlic bread— at a beach-side shack!) And take it from a life-long carb-lover, this was legit some of the best garlic bread I’ve ever eaten: fresh, toasted perfectly, with the right amount of garlic and oil. (And it’s vegan!)

I followed that up with a grilled shrimp “big bowl” with jerk sauce (rice, black beans, pico de gallo, corn salsa, Monterey Jack cheese, pickled onion, and chipotle sauce) plus a couple of Heinekens. 

With gluten-free and vegan options, this seaside oasis has something for everyone—all this with jaw-droppingly good customer service. Each and every staff member at Blanchards offered far and away the best service I have ever experienced in a dining establishment. They were kind without leaving me wondering if they were just doing it for a tip and welcoming in a way that truly made me feel like I had met a new friend. You will definitely want to make this a regular stop during your time on the island.

Next up: Maundays Club at Cap Juluca – A Belmond Hotel

Maundays is casual luxury at its finest. Maundays Club at Cap Juluca made me feel like I would certainly run into Vince Vaughn as I was sipping my Heineken and inhaling my bacon cheeseburger. With a menu that boasts creative cocktails, world-famous rum punch, and light and fresh bites—all perfect for seaside dining, you will get deliciously satisfied without feeling too bloated in your swimwear. (Though, I will admit that my Midwesterner stomach found the heaviest and beefy-est item on the menu!)

Nestled on beautiful Maundays Bay, one could easily spend an entire day here (and I very nearly did). Lunch was served at a table on the connecting pool terrace, only steps away from the beach. And after lunch, we were treated to our own private beach chairs and umbrellas along the turquoise-blue coast (just be sure to make reservations for those chairs beforehand!).

Last but not certainly least: Sunset Lounge at Four Seasons Anguilla

Smooth and sexy. Laidback glamour. 

Sunset Lounge at Four Seasons is everything its name conveys. And this time, I felt like I was the superstar being spotted by the other guests. 

It’s hard not to feel super swanky and sexy when walking into the sprawling, open-air, seaside lounge. With laid-back seating and low dining tables, the conversation and the view are truly on display, and if you time it right, you can be sipping your vintage rum against the backdrop of the sun setting over Barnes Bay. 

With options for many dietary restrictions, the menu offers fresh poke bowls, curry dishes, and makimono sushi rolls. Truly a must-stop for a memorable evening on the island.

Places on my “must try next time I’m on the island” list: