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Birds of Paradise

Birdwatching in Paradise

Known for beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and sunny skies, Anguilla is an island gem. Naturally, many popular activities include the natural world—like snorkeling and scuba diving—where you will run into marine and wildlife. On the beach, you may even see goats roaming around. 

But another must-watch species on the island? Birds.

Birdwatching and bird tours are also popular activities for naturists, locals, and tourists alike. The Caribbean coast has species of birds from flamingos, bridled tern, cuckoos, and more. There’s said to be over 40 different species! Where can they be found? Well, all over the island, but Cove Pond is a good start.

Cove Pond is one of the largest salt ponds in Anguilla. Here you will find plovers and lapwings generally found around rivers, shorelines, and islands. Lapwings have large, broad wings, while plovers have spurs on their wings. Both come from the same family but are a bit different in appearance and other characteristics. They are one of the most noted on the island.

Tourists will find Sooty Terns, Brown Boobies, and Brown Noddies on Dog Island. Popular for scuba diving and other water activities, Dog Island has many animals, included endangered species. Sooty Terns are true sea birds and can fly for over eight weeks straight! Brown Boobies, found around tropical oceans, are surprisingly clumsy during landing and take-off! Brown Noddies are the largest of the Noddy family.

Scrub Island is a beautiful beach full of birds. Here you’ll find Laughing Gulls. (Yes, they do laugh!). Their laughing calls are the most memorable sound along the coast. Laughing Gulls are omnivores and known to live along the coast of North America, South American, and the Caribbean.

Other popular locations like Prickly Pear Cays, Long Pond, and Sombrero, are other popular sites for birdwatching. One thing is for sure, these flying creatures are an exceptional addition to Anguilla.