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Take a Dive at One of These Five

Tourists from all around the world visit the island of Anguilla for its clear blue water and beaches. With over 33 beaches, they definitely don’t disappoint. Sitting on a 16-mile sea, water activities tend to be very popular. Boating, swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling are just a few!

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Anguilla History

Year-round, you will find many tourists on Anguilla enjoying the clear waters, coral reefs, and sandy beaches, in addition to the island’s estimated population of 18,090. Although the general environment is laid back, it was not always easy-going living in this land of beauty.

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A Rum Punch Punch List

Your toes in the sand, the warm salty breeze in your hair, and if you’re in Anguilla, chances are good there’s a rum punch in your hand. 

While fruity drinks and colorful umbrellas might seem synonymous with the entire Caribbean region, Anguilla gets to call rum punch their island’s unofficial national cocktail. With practically every bar and restaurant on the island serving up their own version of this fruity libation, one could easily fill their entire trip taking a rum punch tour around the island. (Sign us up for that tour!)

Before digging into the best places to find this national beverage, let’s learn about the history of this plan-pauser and inhibition breaker. (Maybe being armed with some historical facts will make us feel better about how much excitement we feel toward this island favorite.)

In colonial times, rum was produced from sugar grown in the region. And another major agricultural industry? Fruit. 

Since we’re talking about times before refrigeration, fruit spoiled very quickly. To avoid this, fruit was made into a longer-lasting punch with sugar—sometimes with rum, sometimes without. Rum punch quickly became popular with people of all classes from pirates and sailors, to farmers and the British Navy.

And with rum punch being served at practically every bar and restaurant on the island, we’d say it still packs a punch (see what we did there) with locals and tourists alike.

Here are some local spots to try this local favorite:

From Scilly Cay:

“Some people call it the ‘silent creep up.’ Our rum punch is made with the finest secret ingredients that will give you the buzz that you crave. 36 years and going strong, this rum punch has never changed in taste, color nor PRICE! 36 YEARS OF $5 #RUMPUNCH for you, because you love it. Contact us at 2642355000 or send us an email at [email protected]

From Elvis’ Beach Bar:

“Elvis’ Beach Bar was recently ranked the #2 BEST beach bar in the entire Caribbean by a USA Today readers’ choice poll.”

From Sandy Island:

“Sandy Island proudly offers the widest lunch menu of all off-shore cays around Anguilla and in the Caribbean. Guests bury their toes in soft white sand while enjoying high-quality food and beverage service with all the frills and no fuss. And JoJo’s Rum Punch is a must.”