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Vegan Dining in Anguilla

More five-star dining experiences per square mile than New York City? Yep. Seriously. And on this island, vegans are included, too.  Here are a few must-try spots for plant-based diners.  Blanchards A local Meads Bay favorite is Blanchard’s. Try the Blanchard’s Beach Shack for casual feet-in-the-sand dining, and, if you’re looking for a more formal […]

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Mead’s Bay Beach

With over 33 flawless beaches along the shores of Anguilla, how ever do you choose one? There seems to be a beach for every mood! When looking for a quiet, secluded spot with tranquil waters for a relaxing day, look no further than Cove Bay Beach. Or maybe you’re craving a lively beach with views […]

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The Official Caribbean Carnival

The Anguilla Summer Festival—otherwise known as the nation’s biggest holiday—is celebrated in commemoration of Caribbean slaves’ freedom. Though the island’s Emancipation day is traditionally celebrated on August 1st, the festival runs from the end of July through the first week of August. Tourists and locals alike are promised vibrant colors, upbeat outfits, and an atmosphere […]

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Goats of Anguilla

There’s no question that the beautiful island of Anguilla is full of wildlife and animals of all kinds. While some regions are known to have deer or rodents wandering around, this destination has a different critter. One of the island haven’s most popular creatures has beards, horns, and a fuzzy coat.   We’re talking about goats, […]

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Birdwatching in Paradise

Known for beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and sunny skies, Anguilla is an island gem. Naturally, many popular activities include the natural world—like snorkeling and scuba diving—where you will run into marine and wildlife. On the beach, you may even see goats roaming around.  But another must-watch species on the island? Birds. Birdwatching and bird […]

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Extra-Special Amenities

There’s no question that vacations are meant to be relaxing. Unplug from your inbox, sleep in, take a hammock nap, or stay in the infinity pool all day.  At The Grand Outlook, you can’t help but be in vacation mode, but you can also keep up with your regular routine—or add some special extras to […]

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Anguilla History

Year-round, you will find many tourists on Anguilla enjoying the clear waters, coral reefs, and sandy beaches, in addition to the island’s estimated population of 18,090. Although the general environment is laid back, it was not always easy-going living in this land of beauty.

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